Subs information

All players are required to declare in what capacity they are playing prior to the 1st League match ie full time, extra, student or schoolgirl.

All subs must be paid prior to 31st October. Full payment (ie one off payment) of your sub will entitle you to the discount. Subs can be paid through the new ClubZap app.

If a player has a difficulty in paying their sub in full due to extenuating circumstances they must contact the Club Captain in order to make a confidential arrangement. Please note that some sort of up-front payment will have to be made prior to playing the first league match. If such an arrangement is made you will not be entitled to the discounted sub.

Lastly all subs must be paid in full by the last league game prior to Christmas.

Subs Season 2020/21

Full Member €380 (€340 if paid by 1st league game)
Student Member €250
Schoolgirl Member €190
Extra / Part-time €175 for 8 games + €10 per game thereafter
Vet Member €90
Supporters Club Member €20