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Update on Grant Application

Hi everybody,

Just want to give you a quick update on developments regarding the replacement of our current Hockey Pitch and our Sports Capital Grant Application.

Just to give you some background information, our current pitch was replaced in the summer of 2007 and paid for on a 50/50 basis between Beaufort & the Hockey Club. The cost of this pitch was greatly reduced to both Club and School as a result of us getting a Sports Capital Grant of 100k in 2006. (Loreto’s Inez Cooper was one of the main drivers behind this very successful project). At the time of getting this grant, under the rules of the Sports Capital Grant Programme we were not allowed to apply for another grant for the Hockey Pitch for ten years.

Despite our joint ongoing pitch maintenance programme, we estimate that based on likely levels of use and the current height of the pitch pile, the club and the school will most likely have to jointly replace the hockey pitch in the summer of 2018. We estimate the cost to replace the current Sand Dressed Pitch is likely to be approx 250k.

Since last November, the Loreto Order (Sr Ita & Sr Maria Barry), Loreto Beaufort (Margaret O’Donoghue & Francis Palmer) and a Hockey Club Sub-Committee (Nuala Naughton, Paula Cunniffe, Bronnie, Paula O’Donoghue and Cara Brophy) have all been working hard behind the scenes to position ourselves to deliver a first class and very professional Sports Capital Programme Application, seeking a grant of 150K towards the part funding of the replacement of our hockey pitch.

The official Sports Capital Grant Programme went live on 24th January last and interested clubs only had until February 24th to apply. Our joint Loreto Order, Club & School application was uploaded and submitted a few days before the deadline. All the indications are that it will be sometime in the summer, before we will know if our Sports Capital Grant Application was successful.

We will continue to update you on this Sports Capital Grant project as things develop over the next few months. In the meantime, now that our Grant application has been submitted, we would encourage all players in our Senior Club, past players and parents in our Junior Hockey Club, to contact their local politicians to encourage them to actively support our grant application – more details regarding this to follow in due course.


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