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Third ‘Hockey for All Blitz’ Report

On Sunday 24th Feb there was “non-stop action” taking place in Loreto Beaufort, when over 80 schoolchildren from 1st & 2nd Class in Loreto Primary School took part in the third and final “Hockey For All Blitz” this season.  As all teams arrived (each with three Managers no less!!) it was clear that all teams were extremely well prepared and that they all meant business on the pitch. All the young players were all very excited – so too it must be said were their very enthusiastic parents.

Based on the past experience of running two previous “Hockey for all” Blitz’s, it was decided to run this event as a separate Hockey Blitz for the 1st class and the 2nd classes.

1st Class Blitz

In the 1st Class Blitz, despite their relatively young age, some super hockey was played in the Round Robin matches.  It was fabulous to see all the girls participating so enthusiastically and so very competitively!!!!  (miraculously !!!!! we have no injuries to report.)

Players like Grace Delaney. Sofia Coleman, Ciara Ahern (Green Team ) and Isabel Murphy, Corinne Power Emma Welch (Yellow Team) demonstrated some super skills and lead their teams by example. In the end, after all the Round Robin matches were over, it was the Blue Team and the Red Team that made it to the Final.

In the Final, there was very little between these two super teams. Both teams gave their all. Defensively Maggie Donaghy, Kirsten Quinn & Karla Cosgrave (Red Team) were very brave and cleared their lines again and again. The Blue team Captained by Abigail Fahy eventually won 2-1 after some great hockey skills were displayed by Enya Kennedy and Abbie Fitzgerald.  Edel McCreery played superbly all day and she caught the eye of the Lizzie Colvin who awarded her the “1st Class Player of the Tournament” trophy.

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2nd Class Blitz

In the 2nd Class Blitz the standard of hockey on display was wonderful. The level of commitment was again 100% with all teams showing great attacking skills and resolute defending!!. Players like Aine Rafter Mia Stenson, Emily Tuite (Yellow Team) and Lucy McDonald, Rachel Balfe (Blue Team) displayed a superb range of hockey skills. In the end after all the Round Robin matches were played, it was the Green Team and the Red Team that made it to the Final.

Again this Final proved to be a match of great commitment by two great teams.  Mia Glynn, Aniela Imanska and Caoilin Dunne (Red Team) showed great defensive bravery and skills throughout the game. The Green Team captained by Kristine Lauron had some exceptional players in Jessica Doyle, Kate Donaghy Rachel Greally and Sophie Nulty   Eventually the Green Team ran our 3-0 winners. Aniela Imanska from Red Team had further joy when she Lizzie Colvin voted her the “2nd Class Player of the Tournament” trophy.

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Very special thanks to Loreto’s Irish Hockey International player Lizzie Colvin who spent time doing a “Meet & Greet” session, signing endless autographs and getting her photo taken with all the teams. Lizzie was also on hand to make the day even more special for the children, when she kindly stayed on to present all the finalist with medals along with the Player of the Tournament trophies. – Thanks a mil Lizzie

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Many thanks to Loreto Volunteers Sharks, Fiona Smith, Ciara Vincent, Kate Kirwan, Kelly Ann Farrell and Aibhin Dunne, who ran the Blitz so professionally and without a hitch. Also many thanks to the many Loreto Primary School “Mum’s” for taking over the kitchen and making endless cups of tea/coffee all afternoon.

Special thanks to Deirdre Naughton and her husband Shane McEntee who again very kindly agreed to sponsored all the “goodie Bags” for the children. Thanks Dee & Shane, appreciate all your generosity.

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Speaking after the third “Hockey for all” Blitz was over, Prez Sue confirmed that Loreto Hockey Club were absolutely delighted with the success of all three Hockey Blitz’s this season.  The Hockey Club were thrilled to see so many parents getting involved in all sort of Blitz support roles. Sue praised all the hard work done in advance by Sr. Maria & Anne Bradish in the Primary School. She also went on to say that the children of Loreto Primary School were a credit to Maria, their School and their Parents.

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