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Preseason underway – new members welcome

Pre-season training details

Pre-season training is commencing Tuesday the 13th August and I set out hereunder the times:

Senior session (1sts & 2nds) – Fitness small pitch 7-8.15pm, Hockey main pitch 8.15-9pm
Junior Session (3rds 4ths 5th 6ths & 7ths)- Hockey main pitch 7-8.15pm, fitness: 8.15-9pm small pitch

Senior Session main pitch: 7-8.30pm
Junior session 8.30-10pm main & small pitch numbers dependent

Season training times

The above are preseason times and after a few weeks the following training times will apply:

3rds main pitch 7-9pm (Hockey & Fitness)

1sts & 2nds – Fitness small pitch 7-8.15pm,
Hockey main pitch 8.15-9pm

4ths, 5ths, 6ths & 7ths – Hockey main pitch 7-8.15pm
Fitness 8.15-9pm small pitch

3rds & 4ths – main pitch 7-8.30pm

1sts & 2nds – main pitch 7-8.30pm
5ths, 6ths & 7ths Main pitch 8.30-10pm

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