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Opening Night Shenanigans!

The opening night of the season was held in the Glenside on September 29th. The night was a fun, game filled evening and a great chance for all members to catch up after the summer.

It was also a great chance to give a big welcome to our new Loreto members. The lucky Ciara V, Sarah Rose, Dee Mooney and John all got the pleasure of being mummified by eager members. Dee kept it a family affair with Stooney mummifying her.

It was then decided that coaches needed a taking down a peg or two and they received the humbling experience of drinking out of dog bowl, pink ones of course, with John the winner by a mile.

Dino was the star of the night with Eilo enforcing the rules vigorously. Some took to this no problem with Bronnie demanding a prize for being the quickest to down a pint. Other like Aisling Campion did not take to the task so well. You know what they say practice makes perfect and downing Dino will def be making an appearance at future events.

A big shout out must be made to Fiona Smith who came to the night pretty much straight from A&E with a broken ankle. Now that’s dedication! We must say she had a lovely boot in tow.

The night finished in different ways with some staying to soak up the atmosphere of the Glenside until the small hours while others preferred piggy backs down Harcourt street!!! For those that missed out there are plenty of more social nights planned including clubhouse opening, our always festive Christmas night and possibly even a mystery tour. So make sure you come along and join in the fun.

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