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New clubhouse nearing completion

Well we are now well and truly into the 4th and last stage our our Clubhouse Building Project and what an exciting time it is for everybody on the Clubhouse sub-committee.

Inez and Nikki Keegan have spent the past six weeks on a lot of the “interior design” decisions. They have been busy matching floor and wall tiles, paintwork, kitchen flooring, counter tops and selecting shower and toilet cubicles as well as flooring. Well done girls – we hear the Clubhouse has become your second home given the amount of visits you paid to it!!!

Bronnie on the other hand has concentrated on making sure the non-pretty but essential services sorted. This involved areas like the sewers, ESB, gas and water main connections!!! One area where she insisted she wanted to have a big input in was the sourcing and purchasing of the Club’s flat screen TV. [pullquote style=”right”]Rumour has it Bronnie now has a Ph.D in the pros and cons of Plasma TV’s, LCD and LED TV’s.[/pullquote]

Nuala having just returned from having her beautiful son Cillian has got stuck into ensuring all the financials are in line with original budgets – and yes as you would expect she has a million charts, spreadsheets and project plans that she keeps updating on a daily basis. Nuala is also working hard on the whole area of Clubhouse Branding.Fanny on the other hand has been using her well known skills of “logic, problem solving, and order” to ensure all decision making is sound and that everybody is doing everything to ensure the Clubhouse is finished on time and that any last minute “Snags” are identified and sorted. Not afraid to call a spade a spade and deal with a problem “Head-on”, she recently took her life in her hands to convince her “Best Buddy” Bronnie that her proposed 51 inch flat screen TV was just too BIG for the room!

We expect a lot of things to suddenly come together over the next month or so. The kitchen wooden flooring is already installed and its looks great. This weekend the kitchen is being completely fitted out and all appliances installed. We expect all tiling of the shower and the toilet area’s to be finished by Friday 2nd Nov. Thereafter the Shower and Toilet cubicles will be installed the following week. The week ending Friday 16th we expect the remaining flooring to go in, the final and third coat of paint to be completed and the benches for the changing rooms to be installed.

[pullquote style=”left”]All in all we are still of the view the building project should be finished at the end of November. [/pullquote]We anticipate that we will need a further week or two in order to finish off all snags, tarmac the area outside the Clubhouse, put up storage fencing at the back of the clubhouse and power wash the whole area down.

Again we are very grateful for all the support and assistance we have received from Sr Noelle of the Loreto Order and Margaret O’Donoghue Principal of Loreto Beaufort. Both Margaret and Noelle have been fantastic to deal with since the idea of this project was first discussed in Sept 2011 and their support has been so important. On behalf of all the current players in our Junior and Senior sections, we especially want to thank Margaret for allowing us the use of their changing rooms, toilets and kitchen facilities in the Sports Hall.

These are very “exciting times” for everybody (past and present) in Loreto Hockey Club – stay tuned for more updates…

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