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Loreto Opening Night 2011 – Season Kicks Off in Style!

What a fantastic way to kick start the season with a massive turn out for our opening night!

Getting the night in full swing – we started with the ‘newbie challenge’ where lots of sellotape was involved, and the 2 losers were subjected to wearing onsie’s!

Next up it was yard’s of ale for the coaches, Fred for the 3rds was the winner!

Each team had to  nominate 4 (ahem) ‘good’ drinkers to down TWO LITRES of beer through some very long straws! The slowest team suffered by being handcuffed together!! The leftover straws were put to good use again with some messers trying to attempt a Guinness world record for the longest straw.

This clearly being unsuccessful.The very suave Michael Buble tribute got us all dancing and singing and the celebrations continued well into the early hours of the next day..Speaking of early hours, the glow sticks that were left on going to bed that night confused a few of the boyfriends/husbands when they woke up to mysterious glowing objects!!

A great night was had by all, and those that weren’t.. Make sure you’re at the Christmas party!!
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