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Loreto Charity Makeover Projects – January 2015


We need all members, their family & friends to volunteer.

Every year, the Hockey Club like to do something of a charitable nature around Christmas time. Last Christmas we took on a major house renovation task. This project involved getting over 102 members and their friends to give up a few hours of their time one Sunday to perform a complete exterior and interior house makeover. In the space of 24 hours, we managed to successfully renovate a dilapidated house and in doing so, we greatly improved the living conditions of a mother and daughter who had previously been living in absolutely terrible conditions. (See Paula Cunniffe’s video of this House Makeover).

Follow that, I hear you say!!!! Well guess what, now that we know what talented members we have, we have decided this January to take on NOT ONE, BUT TWO very worthwhile renovation projects. Again we are asking everybody to volunteer a few hours of their time to help other less fortunate.
Project Number 1 – Barretstown Camp
Date: Sunday 11th January from 11am Location: Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace (30 mins drive from Beaufort.) Requirement: As many Volunteers as possible.
Action Plan for the day:

  1. After a brief 15 min video explaining all the services provided at Barretstown, volunteers will be divided into teams of Painters, Gardeners and Cleaners.
  2. Painters are required for exterior and interior work in the Castle and Outhouses.
  3. Gardeners are needed to remove hedges, bushes & weeds in the “Secret Garden”
  4. Cleaners are required for all areas the children access as everything needs to be sterilized and spotless in order to avoid the risk of infection to sick children

Barretstown will provide all paints and specialized cleaning materials required.

Project Number 2 – Rathmines Women’s Refuge Centre
Date: Sunday 18th January from 10.30am Location: Rathmines Women’s Refuge Centre, opposite Rathmines Church Requirement: 25 volunteers

Action Plan for the day:

  1. To paint and renovate the two small kids playgrounds and clean up the surrounding garden area. All outdoor work, so we need dry weather!
  2. To paint the two large indoor playroom. This is the fun/learning area for kids 24/7
  3. To replace the current Jigsaw foam flooring in both Kids Playroom – thanks to the anonymous club members who have sponsored this. Thanks also to Dulux who have agreed to sponsor all paints required.

So come on everybody, let’s show your real Loreto Spirit and give up a few hours of your time to help out these two great very worthy causes.
To volunteer, simply put your name and mobile number down on the two separate Volunteers Sheets on the club notice board to offer your help.

Below is a brief overview of the work Barretstown / Rathmines Women’s Refuge do:
Barretstown Camp
Barretstown is a residential camp for children with a serious illness, offering a range of adventurous and challenging activities and supported behind the scenes by safe, medical attention and care. For children attending, Barretstown is a break from hospitals, white coats and medical treatment and a chance for sick children to be children again, to have fun, to make new friends and create new memories – all within the beautiful and magical setting of Barretstown castle.
All children and their families come to Barretstown free of charge. Everything, including accommodation, food, medical assistance and round-trip airfares is provided. Barretstown is supported by donations and fundraising.
Barretstown also provides Bereavement Camps to offer support to families who have lost a child. See below recent quote from Hockey Club member Gerry Daly who tragically lost her young son Donagh two years ago.
“”Over the past two years, Dave and I and our two girls Aimee and Gina spent three wonderful weekends at Barretstown as part of a Family Bereavement Camp. It truly was a ‘serious fun camp’. We did everything from climbing to arts and crafts, from canoeing to dancing and singing at meal times!! We were spoilt rotten by the trained staff and volunteers. Along with 25 other families from all over Ireland and Europe we talked, we laughed, we cried, we shared the heartbreak of our losses and most importantly celebrated the life of our beautiful brave children in heaven.
I am thrilled to hear the Hockey Club are planning to help out at Barretstown thus giving myself and our family a chance to give something back to this wonderful ‘haven of fun’ for children suffering with cancer and their families.”

Rathmines Women’s Refuge Centre
The Rathmines Women’s Refuge opened on 10th January 1986. It can accommodate ten families at a time i.e. ten women and their children. Up until 21st December 2013 the refuge had accommodated 5320 families. The refuge is staffed 24 hours per day. The only criteria for admission are that the woman must be fleeing domestic violence, which is physical, emotional, psychological, sexual or financial abuse.
The women and children usually arrive to the refuge in the clothes that they are dressed in and not much else. They are provided with clean bedding, clean second hand clothes, basic food needs and toiletries. Each woman is allocated a team of key workers who will advise her on all her options and offer her practical and emotional support. A childcare team provides practical and emotional support for the children. Arrangements are made with local schools to take in children in the refuge until more long term arrangements are sorted.
Services offered:
• Safe, secure accommodation for women & their children fleeing domestic violence.
• Advice information and support/ 24hr helpline/ free legal services.
• Large playroom in the refuge with a big back garden monitored by security cameras. The refuge offers a safe place for children to play without fear.
• The Refuge provides children with art, computer, Montessori, homework classes each day as well providing adult literacy classes for women.
• The Refuge also provides parent counselling courses

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