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Christmas Party 2012

The Christmas night was held in the Glenside on December 8th. The night was a fun, game filled evening and a great chance to bring a successful season to a close. The night kicked off with the announcement of the club’s More Than a Name project to follow on from the opening of the new clubhouse in Beaufort. It was then time for a visit from Santa Claus (Lisa Taggart) to bring some presents to each team. For the firsts Sinead Mc Girr got an alarm clock after there were many reports of her being constantly late for matches. Santa had some tangtastic ice pops for Zoe Ennis on the 2nds to maintain that all year round “natural tan” she fashions on the pitch each weekend. For the 3rds Ruth Murphy received a cone after becoming the talk of the team giving a very passionate speech on their team trip to Wexford about her future career in PE.

Santa provided Bronnie on the 4ths with her very own queen of the castle doll after her hard work with the new clubhouse. The next morning the Glenside posted a picture of this creepy doll on Facebook pleading for any Loreto members to take her back as she was scaring the staff.

For the 5ths Kate Kirwan was given some Alka- Salzar after she displayed the worst signs of a hangover mid match causing her to make a quick dash behind the goal. The two captains of the 6ths Aisling and Alanna have become known on their team as the most disorganised of them all so Santa supplied them with maps and organisers for the upcoming season. Santa gave Jane on the 7ths a teddy bear to welcome a new member to her family and sure to be one of Loreto’s next stars on and off the pitch. Festive games were under way with Catriona O’ Kelly showing Scottie how to do the mince pie challenge, ramming 6 mince pies in her mouth before Scottie had even picked up her second.

The cinnamon challenge proved difficult for many, and some with weak stomachs had to make a dash to the gents bathroom much to the shock of Connor O’ Donnell who was inside. Others however, like Stu felt it more appropriate to spray the cinnamon over everyone at his table rather than make the dash to the bathroom. Prizes for best dressed went to Gemma dressed as an angel and holding a “Happy Birthday Jesus” sign, Paula dressed as a present, and Susan with every possible Christmas decoration on her. The grand prize went to Sarah Maher with her impressive Christmas Tree costume, although she was fearful all night of going to the bathroom in case she was electrocuted! The night came to a close with some staying for their traditional Glenside lock-in and others venturing to Roddy Bolands and Coppers. A great night was had by all and we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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