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2012 Business Houses Competition!

We recently advertised looking for teams to participate in the Business houses hockey competition. A number of entries have been received including one from the ‘Primary school teaches’ and another from the staff at Mount Temple School. This note is by way of encouraging more schools or groups of staff to participate.

Last season we resurrected the business houses hockey competition!! While the numbers competing were small it was still a great success and enjoyed by these who participated.

From the sixties through to the late nineties every May/June we enjoyed the tournament. It was organised by the Corinthian Club initially at the Branch grounds at Templeogue. Later Three Rock Rovers hosted the tournament. Usually about twenty to thirty five Business Houses took part in the knock out competition. It was played over two weeks.

Business Houses can be a company, a government department, a hospital or a public service organisation. Past winners included AIB, Bank of Ireland, Meath Hospital, Stokes Kennedy Crowley, and Guinness. The format was usually full mixed teams with no more than five men on the field at any time. Teams were made up of players from different clubs, junior division ten players turning out alongside seniors and even international players. And most teams had the odd rugby ‘bod’ or soccer player or camogie player!!

We know that there is an interest in having the competition this year. It is suggested that companies and organisations would enter and an open draw would decide the pairings!! First out of the hat would enjoy home advantage. Each team would organise one umpire.

Also if you are prepared to work on the organisation of the 2012 Business Houses competition let us know.

Could you get a team from your organisation?  If you are interested in doing so then please email before 15th May.  The entry fee is €50.

Last year we had hockey players from international level to division fourteen participating. We also had players from hurling, soccer, athletics, rugby, triathlon, gaelic football, swimming, tag rugby, ex hockey players, camogie and basketball. The games can be an opportunity for a great social occasion for staff that work together all year round!!

Brendan Carr
Development committee

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